If you're considering therapy, you're probably feeling out of sync with your life. You may feel persistently anxious or conflicted, that you're not quite living up to your potential, not living according to your values, not finding the connection you want in relationships, or feeling stuck without understanding why, or what to do about it.

Our ingrained patterns have more influence over our behavior than we might believe. Even when we know that we want something different for ourselves, we can still find it hard to make changes, slipping easily into our go-to coping strategies. Self-judgment and self-criticism can follow, making it that much harder to heal and move on. 

Therapy offers empathy, insight, and new ways to respond to life's challenges. No matter what difficulties we’ve encountered—or will continue to encounter—each one of us has an inner compass that can guide our healing. In therapy, you’ll learn how to tap into this place, listen to its wisdom for you, and make different choices. This holds true regardless of whether you're seeking individual, couples, or group therapy.

The bottom line? You can feel better. If you're ready, I'd love to help.